Parthenon has the network and expertise to satisfy the lifestyle needs of the most influential and demanding individuals in the world today - seamlessly and intimately.

24-7-365 Personal Assistant

Your most valuable asset is time, and your dedicated Personal Assistant is equipped to assist in all aspects of your life – big and small – so that your time is truly yours. From bringing expertise to the curation of your life’s most unforgettable events, to scheduling meetings and organizing your social calendars, your Personal Assistant is always there for you - day and night.


We specialize in curating experiences that speak to our clients’ unique preferences and desires. Members benefit from our team’s ability to plan and execute each trip seamlessly and to adapt to changes and requests with full flexibility, in real-time. Through our global network of partnerships, Parthenon members receive access and benefits to the world’s most exclusive destinations. Hollywood A-List house parties, celebrity chef private dinners, backstage access to shows and festivals, elite Burning Man camps, Singularity University courses, Amazon forest medicine man trips, eyes wide shut style events, private island excursions, mountain retreats, ancient megalith and archaeological adventures, space tourism and more.

Wealth Management

Providing an integrated and holistic approach to wealth & estate management. We specialize in diversification, arbitrage and asset protection strategies for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families. We act as a single point of contact and provide access to internal and external experts in a comprehensive and transparent manner. Through our global network, we access opportunities not available on the listed market. Our expertise resides in rigorous due diligence processes, disciplined approaches to risk and change management and a deep understanding of complex market conditions and geopolitical realities.


Get in alignment by removing mental blocks. We will help you speak with more confidence, feel fulfilled, find freedom, and have the maximum amount of impact with the least amount of effort, all while remaining balanced and happy. Add to your new mind set culinary experiences geared towards health and wellness combined with daily routines that keep you on track with full mind and body awareness and exuberance.

The Magician

Indulge in multi-disciplinary perspectives on a wide range of topics including science, physics, archaeology, ancient civilizations, technology, medicine, wisdom traditions, mysticism, sacred geometry, spirituality, art & design, consciousness, alchemy, and ritual.

Private Security

Private Military Solutions providing security personnel, logistics personnel, administrative personnel, and professional services personnel across the globe. Risk consulting, corporate investigations, executive protection, electronic & physical security solutions, communication networks, critical infrastructure, video monitoring & analytics, security officers, tactical personnel systems, travel risk assessments, real time intelligence briefings, bunker build outs and strategic relocation services.